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Midwife Backpack is a basic, inexpensive, simple kit designed to help creating a clean birthing environment, particularly for home births. The Midwife Backpack is intended to be used by skilled birth attendants, family members, and women who give birth unassisted at home.


Midwife delivery kit has significant impact in reducing rates of infection, straightening efforts of the local health care providers, reducing morbidity and mortality among children and mothers from underserved populations in a normal and natural village setting. Newborns of mothers who used the Midwife Backpack were about 13 times less likely to develop cord infection than infants whose mothers did not use it. By making kits available to women in labour we provide them with clean, hygienic and safe lifesaving supplies they need.


Each backpack kit allows to deliver a minimum 10 childbirths.



  • episiotomy scissors
  • neonatal stethoscope PINARD
  • adhesive plaster
  • 10 x disposable underpads
  • 100 x disinfecting medical wipes
  • 20 x disposable umbilical cord clamp
  • 10 x sterile gauze dressing
  • 10 x pair of sterile exam gloves
  • water purification tablets with water bag

We can equip a backpack on a customer’s request.